Our Summer School on supporting measures, coming soon !

On October 11th 2023, the first step of our Summer School will take place online. This event aims at training advisors on how to better support farmers in their biosecurity compliance and practices.

This first step is a half-day online training, opened to everyone who might be interested in the program. During this session, VETWORKS coaches will train us on :

Basis of Biosecurity (1 hour)

Review of Training Techniques, Tools, and Best Practices (1 hour 30 mins)

Workshop on Supporting Measures and Biosecurity During Crisis Times (1 hour)

Wrap-Up and Feedback Session (10 mins)

After this first step, our Network Facilitators will go through a second session in physical on October 18th 2023. They will then be ready and armed to organize their own Summer/Winter School in their native languages, in the 7 countries of the project !

This three-step approach ensures that the training material is delivered effectively at various levels, from the consortium partners down to the farmers. It also allows for local customization and language translation, which can help ensure that the training is understood and implemented effectively at the ground level.


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