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Monitoring biosecurity in poultry production: an overview of databases reporting biosecurity compliance from seven European countries

The results of the survey on existing poultry biosecurity databases in the 7 NetPoulSafe countries are published in a scientific article in open-access. We identified who collected information on biosecurity practices in poultry farms, in which context (owners, aims, etc.), how the information is currently used, or could be used. From this, we drew the following recommendations :

  • It is essential to share basic information on existing database to avoid repeating similar biosecurity assessments and create opportunities for information-sharing accross various stakeholders and sectors.
  • It becomes crucial to standardize biosecurity assessments protocols. Even if all stakeholders do not agree on using the same tool, a checklist of essential biosecurity items should be established and disseminated to avoid missing key biosecurity aspects.
  • It is of paramount importance to collect metadata on farms (farm size, production system, etc.) in addition to biosecurity in order to gain a better understanding of the context and to provide nuanced interpretation of biosecurity practices.