CECAV : Centro de Calidad Avicola y Alimentation Animal de la Comunidad Valenciana


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Laboratory of Diagnosis and Quality Control of the Poultry Sector

Contact : Sandra Sevilla Navarro

Due to the strong link to the poultry sector, CECAV will actively contribute to the dissemination and communication of the NetPoulSafe project throughout the EU and will be in charge together with CESAC of collecting data about Spanish Poultry AKIS.  

Thanks to CECAV’s knowledge of the poultry sector and together with the implementation of correct biosecurity measures, the incidence of pathogens affecting the sector will be reduced.

Created in 2007 and located in Castellón (Spain), the Poultry Quality and Animal Nutrition Center of the Valencian Region (CECAV) is a reference center of the poultry sector. CECAV covers about 25% of the Spanish poultry farms in terms of laboratory support and training. Thanks to the close collaboration with the poultry sector and the regional and national authorities, CECAV has become a centre of refereeing excellence in the Spanish poultry sector. We aim at providing the necessary tools for guaranteeing animal health and the quality of animal products (specially poultry ones) to primary production: animal feed industry, farms and slaughterhouses. Based on our applied research vocation, and with the aim of offering innovative solutions to the agro-alimentary and the poultry sector, CECAV has been involved in different projects focused on the reduction of the environmental impact of poultry farming, epidemiosurveillance, the epidemiology and control of poultry diseases/infections (e.g. Mycoplasmosis, Infectious Bronchitis, Salmonella and Campylobacter, among others), the implementation of poultry health maps (prevalence and seroprevalence), the antimicrobial resistance and the phage therapy. NetPoulSafe is one of the H2020 projects #CECAV is involved in.