Contact: Maarten De Gussem

Independent Global Poultry Consultants

Vetworks can rely on its expertise and network to actively contribute towards WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5 of the NetPoulSafe project.

The farm and the Vet, two knowledgeable points of view with the same objective: A healthy  and well managed farm producing safe and quality food.

Vetworks is an independent team of selected veterinary experts with broad international expertise in poultry production. We maintain a broad network in Belgium and abroad consisting of key opinion leaders and decision-makers including individuals from industrial, academic, veterinary and pharmaceutical communities.

Vetworks aims for an integrated approach to poultry production. Our consultants are specialized in auditing smaller and larger breeder, layer and broiler operations, with focus on management and veterinary aspects of the production. Vetworks provides technical support, business development support to the poultry Industry including pharmaceutical companies, equipment companies, diagnostics and feed additive suppliers.

Vetworks has contributed to several research projects in collaboration with various institutions: in Belgium with VLAIO and Ghent University, among others, and in Europe with the European Commission in H2020 projects PHAGOVET & NetPoulSafe and previously FP7 project EFFORT.

Vetworks is a recognized course master by the OIE (WVEPAH) and provides Poultry Technical Trainings in Biosecurity, Poultry welfare, Gut health management, Respiratory health, Parasitology, Breeder management and Food Safety.