NetPoulSafe is a european network to stimulate knowledge exchange on supporting measures to improve biosecurity compliance in poultry farming.

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farm coaching biosecurity database Thanks to NetPoulSafe network, the best practices to help farmers to improve biosecurity compliance in their farm are being gathered in our database. Read

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  • More than 140 pilot farms recruited for evaluation phase (5/18/2022) More than 140 pilot farms were recruited in the NetPoulSafe project to experience supporting measures to improve their biosecurity
  • Interview of Annick Spaans, ZLTO (5/16/2022) Interview of Annick Spaans, from ZLTO, in charge of building the AKIS (Agricultural Knowledge and Innovations System) NetPoulSafe network.
  • Quantifying biosecurity at farm level: why and how ? (5/5/2022) Next discussion moment on Netpoulsafe forum on May 24th with Dr Jeroen Dewulf about why and how quantify biosecurity at the farm level.
  • Interview of Alessandra Piccirillo, UNIPD (4/20/2022) We will host a new section in our NetPoulSafe website news : a focus on a partner / a participant to the NetPoulsafe project. This month, we welcome on board Dr Alessandra Piccirillo from University of Padua, Italy, to learn more about her work and involvment to the NetPoulSafe project.

Focus on a partner

ZLTO ZLTO will coordinate the creation and management of the 7 national AKIS poultry networks, and participate to data collection, testing in pilot farms and dissemination activities in the NetPoulSafe project.   Read