NetPoulSafe communication and dissemination continues in Belgium

Project communication and result dissemination on 22nd March (in Geel) and on 28th March (in Roeselare), Belgium.

The Proefbedrijf Pluimveehouderij (Poultry Farming Experimental Station) organized 2 study days for broiler farming. The study themes were about spray, drinking water and in ovo vaccination techniques and in addition on optimizing biosecurity, that can contribute to antibiotic reduction. During this event, Helena Ferreira from EV-ILVO disseminated the project results and presented on the topic – “Do you want to know how you can improve biosecurity in your poultry farm? NetPoulSafe connects you with all the knowledge you need to move forward! ”.

Every participant was also given a package prepared by Arthi Amalraj from Ghent University consisting of 4 factsheets – Biocheck.ugent, Coaching, Training, Farm zoning with 3D paint and a poster on “Biosecurity during bird flu” in local language.


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