Two NetPoulSafe posters presented at ArMoR cluster

On the 16th February 2023, two NetPoulSafe posters were presented by Ugent at the ArMoR cluster, at Wageningen University.

HealthyLivestock together with other EU projects, AVANT, DISARM, Roadmap, AMRILS, BM-FARM and FARM-CARE formed a Project Group (PG) named “ArMoR –fighting Antimicrobial Resistance in livestock farming”. On the 16th February 2023, the ArMoR cluster event took place at Wageningen University where several researchers and companies met for an interactive programme sharing their latest insights and solutions for fighting AMR in animal husbandry. Arthi Amalraj from Ghent University, Belgium presented 2 posters for Netpoulsafe. First poster on the WP2 results “Biosecurity compliance in poultry production in Belgium and the Netherlands: neglected measures and reasons” and second poster on the WP3 results “Alternative approaches to reduce AMU: A risk-based scoring tool to quantify and improve biosecurity in poultry production”.

The pitch presentation by Arthi Amalraj from Ghent University, Belgium about the “Biocheck.Ugent risk-based scoring tool” developed for the project Netpoulsafe was voted the best pitch from 19 pitch presentations. Project Netpoulsafe was also voted by the participants as the second promising solution to fight AMR.

Please find videos below.

best pitch Netpoulsafe.mp4

best solution.mp4


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