Interview of Dr László Kovács from UVMB


In the NetPoulsafe Team, UVMB is one of the two Hungarian partners. Today, we welcome Dr László Kovács who will present UVMB and its role in the NetPoulSafe project.

Could you please present yourself ?

I am László Kovács DVM (graduated in 2017), Hungarian Network Facilitator, phD student – Department of Animal Hygiene, Herd Health and Mobile Clinic (at UVMB). I was also ECPVS resident (at Vetmeduni Vienna & Univet Budapest) and expert in poultry veterinary medicine (postgraduate in 2019)

Who is UVMB ? 

UVMB (=Univet Budapest is the “nickname” of UVMB, similar to “Vetmeduni Vienna”)

The University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest is the only veterinary university in Hungary, established in 1787. The University plays a leading and pivotal role in the education and research connected to animal health and food chain safety. The University has a wide network of stakeholders (feed producers, farmers, veterinary drug producers, food producers, etc.) acting as a consultation and also as a dissemination forum. As the only veterinary higher education institution in Hungary, the University has a key role in keeping animal health, veterinary public health and food safety trainings up to date with continuous development.

What is the role of UVMB in the Netpoulsafe project ?

Keeping active contact with representatives of the poultry sector; poultry hygiene and health expert advice. Facilitating of the Hungarian Poultry Network in the NETPOULSAFE project. Assessment of data generated during the project. Dissemination activities.

Why are you interested to work on the Netpoulsafe project ?

My interests are in the poultry health in intensive poultry production, on large sclae poultry farms.

For specific disease prevention methods, the immunization programs (vaccination protocols) and for non-specific disease prevention methods, the biosecurity are the most interesting research areas for me.

The Netpoulsafe project has set out to make progress in non-specific disease prevention protocols in both the large poultry breeding countries of Eastern Europe and Western Europe, creating a kind of knowledge exchange between the members.

Do MATE (the second hungarian partner) and UVMB work together ?

There have been some previous research collaborations in the past and there are some projects nowadays also. However, the two Netpoulsafe partners are completely separate educational institutions. But we work together frequently on research projects.

What are your expectations from the Netpoulsafe project ?

Given the increasing importance of large-scale poultry farm hygiene and disease prevention protocols, biosecurity, we are confident that we can achieve results in improving the biosecurity knowledge of farmers and farmworkers. This will hopefully reduce the risk of many epidemic poultry diseases in the future.


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