Why and how implement zoning in poultry farms ?

Next discussion moment on the NetPoulSafe forum on July 12th will be held with Dr Jocelyn Marguerie about zoning in poultry farms.

You can ask your question from now here and comme back on the same page on July 12th for interaction with our expert.

Dr. Jocelyn MARGUERIE is a poultry vet associated in FILI@VET. In North-West France, he works with his team as a private consultant for poultry producers and poultry industries, especially broilers, breeders, turkeys and layers. He is the president of the poultry group of the French Vet Technical Society, (SNGTV), partner of NetPoulSafe project and part of the team working on dissemination material.

In addition, Jocelyn MARGUERIE regularly serves for RCSERVICES as an international consultant for breeders and broilers major integrators, especially in Eastern Europe.
As a member of Cristal Network Poultry Business Unit leadership, Jocelyn MARGUERIE is responsible for the development of new diagnosis strategies such as Infectious Bronchitis serology or digestive health monitoring. He currently supervises works on factors influencing chick’s quality, mortality and development during the first 10 days of growth.
Finally, he is part of the national think tank about European Welfare regulation in Poultry, technical and economic impact.


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