Study afternoons on laying hens

On Tuesday 9 May and Thursday 11 May , the Pluimveehouderij Proefbedrijf will organize study afternoons on laying hen research with a specific focus on prevention of parasites. For example, results and experiences regarding the sustainable control of red mite will be discussed, as well as worm control and biosecurity.


  • 12.30 pm: Network lunch 
  • 1.20 pm: Opening speech by operational manager Proefbedrijf Pluimveehouderij, Ine Kempen
  • 1.30 pmMiteControl : results and experiences regarding sustainable, non-chemical control of red mite (Integrated Pest Management) by researcher Hanne Nijs of Proefbedrijf Pluimveehouderij
  • 2.35 pm: Intermezzo: Impact of the CAP poultry sector by Jan Eskens, Department of Agriculture & Fisheries.
  • 2.45 pm: Break
  • 3.00 pmBiosecurity on the laying farm, strengths and weaknesses: what could be improved? By Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, Vetworks, from the NetPoulSafe project
  • 3.30 pm: Preventive and alternative methods to control worm pressure in organic laying hens by Annatachja De Grande, ILVO
  • 4.00 pm: End the afternoon together with a drink


Tuesday 9 May: Poultry Farming Experimental Farm, Poiel 77, 2440 Geel
Thursday 11 May: Inagro, Ieperseweg 87, 8800 Rumbeke-Beitem



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