NetPoulSafe – The end… and now ?

After 3.5 years of working together, the NetPoulSafe project has reached its end with great results. We have been working in 7 countries with 7 AKIS, bringing together more than 3000 stakeholders. By collecting the best supporting measures for poultry farmers, the partners have helped 130 pilot farms in Europe to improve their biosecurity. Thanks… Continue reading NetPoulSafe – The end… and now ?

First NetPoulSafe’s thematic article

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The first article, written by ITAVI, describes the importance of hatcheries in Europe and the issues encountered by these hatcheries to comply with biosecurity.

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Scientific Symposium – NetPoulSafe poster

The AMCRA (Antimicrobial Consumption and Resistance in Animal) organized a Scientific Symposium on “Antimicrobial Resistance, a challenge for public health, animal health and environment” in Brussels, Belgium on June 27, 2023.

Agriculture for Life, Life for Agriculture

Our Belgian partners presented NetPoulSafe project and results at the 12th Edition of the International Conference “Agriculture for Life, Life for Agriculture”.

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BETTER COST Action meeting

Our Belgian partners disseminated NetPoulSafe results at the BETTER COST Action meeting held at the Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania on June 20th-21st, 2023.

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Third webinar : Biosecurity in the hatcheries

On May 4th, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. Central European Time (CET) the third free webinar of the NetPoulSafe project will take place. In this third webinar we will discuss about “Biosecurity in the hatcheries: what the egg is going on?”.

Coaching to improve biosecurity

Our next discussion moment on the NetPoulSafe forum on january 19th will host Heleen Prinsen, specialist on animal health and welfare at LTO (NL). She will explain and discuss how farmer coaching can help to improve biosecurity in farms.

Interview of Dr Artur Żbikowski (WULS)

This month we host in our section “focus on a partner” Artur Żbikowski, from WULS. He will explain us his interest in the NetPoulSafe project and the key role of WULS to lead the collect of information.

How to manage hygiene in hatcheries ?

Next discussion moment on the NetPoulSafe forum on December 2nd will be held with Mr Luc Ledoux, Business Development Manager – Europe at CID LINES and poultry expert specializing in Hatchery Hygiene, to discuss about how to manage hygiene in hatcheries.

How to manage an avian influenza outbreak ?

Next discussion moment on the NetPoulSafe forum on November 10th will be held with Dr Francesco Galuppo , Head of Local Unit Public Health for Veneto (Italy), to discuss about “Managing an avian influenza outbreak”.

How to control poultry red mite ?

Next discussion moment on the NetPoulSafe forum on September 27th will be held with Dr Hanne Nijs, Researcher and Expert at the Experimental Poultry Centre, Antwerp (Belgium), to discuss about “Sustainable control of Poultry Red Mite”.

Interview of Alessandra Piccirillo, UNIPD

We will host a new section in our NetPoulSafe website news : a focus on a partner / a participant to the NetPoulsafe project. This month, we welcome on board Dr Alessandra Piccirillo from University of Padua, Italy, to learn more about her work and involvment to the NetPoulSafe project.