NetPoulSafe : what has been done in 1 year ?

general meeting netpoulsafe nov 21
general meeting netpoulsafe nov 21

At the 25-26th November 2021 General “NetPoulSafe 1 year Meeting”, the NetPoulSafe project team made an assessment about the work being done during the first year of the project.

The first step, under ZLTO supervision, was for partners to establish AKIS networks (Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems) in the different countries, including all the networks from the partners covering the whole poultry chain from hatchery to slaughterhouse. This would enable partners to collect and disseminate biosecurity information.

Then, some questionnaires were addressed to the AKIS to collect information about how the biosecurity practices are implemented in the different countries, and if they are not well applied, for what reason.

The questionnaires collected also information about what kind of supporting measures are efficient (or not) to help the farmers to improve the biosecurity level in their farm.

All these data have been collected, now they are being analysed and the results will be available in March 2022. This phase is supervised by the University of Warsaw (WULS) with the help of ANSES.

Next step will be the selection of the supporting methods to be tested in the pilot farms, and the recruitment of the pilot farms, that will take place at the beginning of 2022.


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