NetPoulSafe – The end… and now ?

netpoulsafe project
netpoulsafe project

After 3.5 years of working together, the NetPoulSafe project has reached its end with great results.

We have been working in 7 countries with 7 AKIS, bringing together more than 3000 stakeholders. By collecting the best supporting measures for poultry farmers, the partners have helped 130 pilot farms in Europe to improve their biosecurity. Thanks to coaching, discussion groups and biosecurity training courses, over 70% of the pilot farms have improved their practices.

The success of the project is based on national and European networking, encouraging exchanges between poultry farming experts. Although the NetPoulSafe project is coming to an end, all the knowledge and skills acquired and present on the website will be passed on and will live on through other platforms and projects, in particular the EU Farm Book, COST BETTER (our poultry experts participating in this large initiative for biosecurity), as well as on the websites of each partner. 

Where to find our resources from now one ?

Everything will be kept on the EU Farm Book platform, in all 7 languages !

Go to the livestock section and find all NetPoulSafe resources, results and deliverables…

Interested in seeing the global results of our project ? Find them in our Final Booklet, or watch our Final Conference !

From every NetPoulSafe partner : a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated, from the pilot farms to the experts, and thank you to the European Commission ! We will keep working on improving biosecurity compliance to ensure a safe, sustainable and great poultry farming in Europe !


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