NetPoulSafe team met again in Valencia !

NetPoulSafe partners met in Valencia (Spain) on March 8 and 9th, 2023. A great moment for team building, and a great opportunity to discuss about the progress of the NetPoulSafe project.

5 months after the first physical meeting, everyone was very pleased to meet again and enjoy our spanish hosts’ welcome during this meeting.

The first day, we mostly talked about Work Package 3 (Evaluation of supporting measures) and Work Package 4 (Knowledge exchange platform and dissemination material). We started with a workshop to have an overview of the ongoing validation phase of WP3 and to exchange feedbacks on this part of the project. Considering the big impact of the Avian Influenza in Europe last year, it was really important for us to share the difficulties we faced in this context and to think about solutions together. After this workshop, every country presented the progress of the validation phase of their own supporting measures in the pilot farms they could recruit. This first day ended with updates on all of the dissemination materials that have been produced, and the ones that are still to be done.

On the second day, we focused on the dissemination phase. Thanks to all NetPoulSafe partners, part of our results have already been communicated in different languages through dissemination materials, posters and oral presentations. It was also a good timing to announce the launch of the first MOOC by UNIPD, available here !

This General Meeting was really beneficial for the whole project. Networking is always a good opportunity to share our knowledge, experiences and ideas to get the best out of our work, and it is the main point of NetPoulSafe project. The dissemination phase is still going on until the end of the project, as many other results will be presented by all the partners in their countries through different events. To stay informed, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter !


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