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netpoulsafe project

Discover how the website of the NetPoulSafe project will evolve in the coming months, from a project and partners presentation to a complete knowldege exchange platform !

The NetPoulSafe project website has been published on line since April 2021.

The objective of this first version of the website is to present the NetPoulSafe project and each of its partners. To discover each partner, please click on each partner logo on the partners page.

To be informed of the last news about NetPoulSafe project, and particularly about the dissemination material when it will be ready, do not hesitate to subscribe to the NetPoulSafe newsletter, that will be published every 2 months from January 2022.

The newsletter will highlight the last news published on the website :

  • What’s new on Netpoulsafe project ?
  • Focus on a partner (interview of a WP/task leader …)
  • What’s new in the pilot farms ?
  • What’s new in biosecurity (outside Netpoulsafe) : news regulations, events, related projects…

In 2022, the NetPoulSafe project website will show several evolutions : at the beginning of the year, a discussion forum will be set up, to add a website feature as an exchange platform for european poultry professionals.

In March 2022, the website will become a complete knowledge reservoir ready to  receive the first dissemination documents producted by the NetPoulSafe project. This knowledge reservoir porject is led by Itavi.

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