NetPoulSafe mid-project general meeting in Padova University

Netpoulsafe mid-project meeting
Netpoulsafe mid-project meeting

On 24-25 March 2022, NetPoulSafe partners met for a mid-project review in the University of Padova, Italy. Meeting in real life was a very expected time for the NetPoulSafe team members, because of COVID-19 issues, all previous meetings had to be held online. So, besides the working objectives, it was a perfect opportunity for team building as well. The NetPoulSafe team could enjoy to discover the italian way of life, thanks to the very warm welcome from our UNIPD italian hosts. Some partners had though the possibility to attend online if they were not able to travel.

The first results gathered in the different partner countries about biosecurity practices and supporting measures used to improve biosecurity compliance in poultry farms were presented to consortium members. These results will be disseminated to the local poultry actors in the coming months, stay tuned !.

The preparation for the launch of the evaluation of some supporting measures in pilot farms was also a large part of the discussions. The recruitment of the pilot farms is currently ongoing in the different partners countries, and the evaluation phase will then take place until end of 2022, then the results will be analysed and disseminated in 2023. If you are interested to know what supporting measures are tested in your country, keep in touch, an article will be soon published on NetPoulSafe website about this point.


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