NetPoulSafe discussion forum is open !

Netpoulsafe discussion forum
Netpoulsafe discussion forum

To allow poultry professional to discuss with experts about biosecurity in a secure environment, the NetPoulSafe discussion forum just opened on January 17th.

First discussion moment is planned on January 27th with Dr Mattias Delpont from Veterinary School of Toulouse, France / INRAE on the good (and bad ! ) practices around the hygiene lock.

To participate, you have to register to the NetPoulSafe discussion forum here and then, ask your question IN ENGLISH. Mattias will answer you on January 27th and will be present during all day to interact with all members.

If you need help to translate your question in english, you can use this website.

After the discussion day, the forum stays readable but no more questions on this subject can be asked.

A new subject will be proposed for discussion every 2 months, stay tuned !


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