More than 140 pilot farms recruited for evaluation phase

pilot farm
pilot farm

Up to date, 142 pilot farms have been recruited throughout NetPoulSafe partner countries, ready to start the evaluation phase. Broilers and layers (including free-range productions), ducks, turkeys, broiler breeders farmers will experience different supporting mesaures to improve biosecurity in their farms. In the first part of NetPoulSafe project, some supporting measures have been identified to be promissing or interesting enough to be validated in different production systems and species in the different partners countries.

Depending on the country, the supporting measures tested will include live or virtual coaching, participative approach and group discussions, virtual farm tours, live workshops, biosecurity trainings and use of educational modules.

At the beginning and at the end of the evaluation phase, the biosecurity level of each farm will be evaluated with the Biocheck tool, and the attitude of the farmer toards biosecurity will be assessed through the ADKAR method adapted to biosecurity. Biocheck is a tool developed by Ugent to quantify biosecurity in farms. The ADKAR method allows to measure the change of attitude by assessing Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. The objective is to evaluate the impact of the supporting measure applied on the level of biosecurity in farm and the attitude of farmer.

The evaluation phase will take place until end of 2022, and results will be analysed early 2023, then disseminated. Stay tuned !


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