International ISESSAH Conference

International ISESSAH Conference

13 June 2023 15 June 2023


The International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health (ISESSAH) aims to improve animal health and welfare policies, programme and projects through more nuanced use of concepts and tools available in economics and social science disciplines. The annual conference is a key tool to promote this objective.

The main theme of the 2023 conference is “Understanding stakeholder behaviour and socio-economic implications of practices and policies of animal health”. The conference programme will include keynote presentation from the leading scientists in economics and social sciences, invited talks of key stakeholder representatives in the livestock sector, and oral and poster presentations given by conference participants. NetPoulSafe's project and results will be presented through an oral presentation and a flash on WP3, and through a poster on WP2, thanks to our partners UGENT and ILVO !

Viikki Campus

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