How to manage an avian influenza outbreak ?

francesco galuppo
francesco galuppo

Next discussion moment on the NetPoulSafe forum on November 10th will be held with Dr Francesco Galuppo , Head of Local Unit Public Health for Veneto (Italy), to discuss about “Managing an avian influenza outbreak”.

You can ask your question from now here and come back on the same page on November 10th for interaction with our expert.

Francesco Galuppo is a senior veterinary with over 20 years of experience focusing on epidemiological surveillance and infectious diseases control, including outbreak investigation and biosecurity at holding level, transboundary infectious diseases, zoonotic diseases, ecology, principles of EU and national policies.

In addition he has a deep experience in the management of AI outbreaks. He achieved his degree in Veterinary Medicine at Bologna University in 1995 and then got a Postgraduate specialization in Animal Health, Breeding and Livestock Production, a Post graduate specialization in Veterinary Laws and Legislation, a Master in Veterinary Public Health and a Master in Veterinary International Cooperation.

After a couple of years working for a private company producing feed as a vet in charge of technical assistance for rabbits went to work for Local Unit of Public Health 17 of Veneto Region. In 2016 became the person in charge for Poultry Sector (Management and Surveillance for Avian Influenza, Poultry Farms Biosecurity, Salmonella National Plans, Poultry farms Database) and then in 2017 he got the same position for ULSS 6 of Padua of Veneto Region Local Unit Public Health 6, one of the main DPPA-Densely Populated Poultry Areas- in Italy.

Currently he is member of: Regional Team of Experts for Management of Epidemic Emergencies, of the National Working Group for Salmonella in Poultry, of the Regional Working Group for Salmonella in Poultry and of the National Working Group for Biosecurity in Poultry and of the Regional Working Group for Biosecurity.


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