Why biosecurity practices are not well respected in hygiene locks ? ?

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    Can you explain what does visitors or farmers prevent from respecting biosecurity practices in hygiene locks (hand washing, changing boots and clothes)? What is your own experience ?

    Mattias Delpont

    One first answer is the time taken to perform the practices, or at least the perception of the time taken. Any measure reducing the time of the practices or any measure reducing the perception of the time taken (habits, automated behaviours) could help. Has anyone got any particular examples?


    In my personal experience, when the floor space of the hygiene lock is wet/very dirty it takes me more time to change, as i keep making sure my legs or socks dont get wet. (its a subconscious thing, then i need to spend my whole day in wet feet). Also when the floor is too cluttered (with buckets, etc) makes it difficult to be fast. Other than that I think wearing “Crocs” will be faster than boots. And hand sanitizer sprays/ gels take less time than hand washing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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