What are the most critical points regarding zoning in farms ?

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    As a consultant vet, what are the main criticial points that are often not well implemented when you visit poultry farms ?

    Jocelyn Marguerie

    structurally speaking, we consider 3 steps : zoning, level of barriers for each zone, level of crossing zone for each barrier.


    Thanks Jocelyn, and can you please give some concrete example of points that are most often not well implemented in the farm, in each of those 3 categories ?

    And why they are not well implemented ? (too difficult to set up, time consuming etc..) ?

    Jocelyn Marguerie

    1. zoning and barriers. Most often well-applied for house = production unit. Clearly much less applied for buffer zone around production units, so-called professional zone. Too often too small including only feed silos and small concrete slab delimited with a string. Too close to production unit to be protective.
    2. crossing zone: in sanitary house, lack of clear limit with a bank. 3 zones system would seem better than classical 2 zones systems. Big issue with machines going inside the production system for straw implementation for instance. About crossing between public and professional zone, lack of efficient disinfection zone.
    Mostly due to history of family farms with several animal production and progressive implementation of buildings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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