How can make domestic animals on the farm respect the zoning ?

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    Domestic animals (ex : dogs, cats..) often circulate in the different zones on the farm and may tranfer pathogens between the buildings. In your experience, are the farmers aware of this danger or not, and do you have any advice to help the farmer to make his domestic animals respect the farm zoning ?

    Jocelyn Marguerie

    most of farmers are aware of this sanitary issues correlated with cats and dogs. But some of them needs sheep dog’s help in free range ducks for instance.
    I think we need improvement first with farmers themselves (changing boots and clothes).


    I agree with you Jocelyn ! However, the first results of Netpoulsafe project showed that there is a very low awareness of the farmers about the risk associated with dogs/cats walking through the premises.

    Jocelyn Marguerie

    and we must also consider the risk linked with backyards.
    ENVT (vet school of Toulouse) demonstrated that there is poor risk of AI with backyards except if we are talking about backyards owned by poultry farmers themselves.
    moreover talking about Salmonella or Mycoplasma for instance backyards are a critical point.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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