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Heleen Prinsen

Metholody of behaviour models:

We always work with the ‘triangle’ but there are very different behaviour models that are used in veterinarian science.

The starting point is an integral behavioural model that captures both intrinsic drivers (of farmers, veterinarians, feed suppliers and other actors involved) to work on biosecurity or antimicrobial use or other ‘problems’ and external conditions that help determine whether an intended behaviour can actually be implemented. Intrinsic drivers include attitudes towards for example reducing antibiotic use, sensitivity to social pressure, perceived behavioural control and capacity (will I keep animal health under control if I no longer use antibiotics for my animals?) and risk attitudes and perceptions. External conditions are ‘outside’ characteristics beyond the person’s control such as, for example, laws and regulations, external markets and available knowledge. Also veterinarians or feed suppliers or other farmyard providers can be understood as ‘external factors’ because their attitudes and advice on antibiotic use can influence the decisions the livestock farmer makes about this.