Reply To: Defensive farmers

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Heleen Prinsen

It is not always easy and it cost time to adress certain problems with farmers, it starts with that the farmer has the motivation to change and acknowledges that there is a problem. So starting talking about biosecurity does not help, and in most cases a coach can have a session with the farmer and the ‘triangle’ (veterinarian, feedadvisor), and look at the management of the total farm, do not start with focussing on the biosecurity. And what is important is to know for what en who the farmer is susceptible to listen to.
In the literature there is a lot of information that use different behaviour models to change the behaviour of farmer. And an important point is that whatever the intervention, tailoring is always important.
In all interventions, customisation is the key word. All farms have their own unique social and physical context in which to operate. Interventions need to fit in with this, if it is social, technical or other interventions.