Reply To: Are there biosecurity audits performed

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Francesco Galuppo

Dear Jeroen,
in Italy we have dedicated specific checklists for biosecurity assesment (currently one for broiler, another for meat turkeys and another for hens) and we are working to improve this system also with dedicated checklist for other production/species.
Public Vet Services are in charge to perform official inspections to asses biosecurity with these checklists and since the last summer we are entering the data collected in a dedicated system called classyfarm (where we enter data also about animal welfare and antimicrobial use) that in the next years will be the pilar for the rysk assesment of our poultry farm and this will help us to procede with official inspections priorytizing them according to the level of rysk.
Of course Official Vet Services in case of non compliance write specific reccomandation for the improvement of the specific biosecurity measures that have been considered not complying.