Reply To: avian influenza management in Italy

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Francesco Galuppo

Cureently…I don’t know how I can answer because what I mean with “currently” it is what we have exactly in this moment, but the situation is changing hour after hour…every day we have new outbreaks (in wild birds and in poultry farms) in different provinces, basically in area at more high rysk (on the route of the migratory birds and with the main concentration of poultry farms). On the web site of the IZSVe there is a dedicated page with the update of the current situation. Now, you can find 9 outbreaks, but we are waiting for the following update and I know that we have at least 3 more outbreaks (detected during the last 2 days). Of course we are implementing restrictive measures in the areas (protection and surveillance zones) around the outbreaks, but we have adopted also additional measures in the main rysk area (called ZUR, in italian meaning More Restricted Area). One of this (probably the most important) is the stop (until the end of this month) of restocking meat turkeys in this ZUR to limit the number od suscepitble birds.