Reply To: dead birds management

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Francesco Galuppo

The management of carcasses of birds dead because of AI is under EU Regulation 1069/2009. Basically we use dedicated rendering plant for category 2 material (as carcasses are) treatment, transported with dedicated trucks. In some cases we have used also dedicated and autorizhed biogas plant for the treatment of carcasses. Teoretically it is possible also to bury carcasses in the same site of the outbreak, but to do this we need specific authorization of the autorities competent on the environment, that will not automatically authorize you to do it. So, by one side we need to work fastly, by the other we need to evaluate which could be the best solution. If you transport carcasses you are taking a rysk to spread the virus, even if you use special dedicated trucks and so it could be better to bury carcasses on site, but you are not complete free to decide which option to use and so it means that if a good solution is non so easy and fastly appliable you go to the second option.