Reply To: What is the importance of thorough cleaning and disinfection in empty period ?

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Hanne Nijs

The efficacy of spraying insecticides is often low because only a small part of the population is reached this way, especially after thorough cleaning only the red mites will remain that have managed to hide in a spot you were not able to reach with soap. This means you will not manage to reach them with an insecticide spray either. Apart from the issues surrounding efficacy, also not many insecticides are licensed because of food safety concerns and their negative impact on the environment. Resistance can also emerge against non-selective pesticides. Applying silica after cleaning and disinfection is preferred. Silica will remain on the housing system for a longer time if applied correctly. Given the longer lasting of the product, red mite infestation can be suppressed for a longer time into the production cycle. Since silica has a mechanical mode of action, also no resistance will emerge.