Reply To: what is the definition of “zoning”?

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Jocelyn Marguerie

zoning (I assume I use the right English word 🙂 ) is the organisation of the different areas in a poultry farm.
starting from the heart of the production site, we do define so-called production unit(s) (PU). That is the place where birds live. PU is doubly independant: structurally and functionally. It means first that it is totally closed with walls, roofs or fences and that man can not enter a PU by mistake. To enter a PU, people must go through an hygiene room and devices or vehicles if need through a wash and disinfection zone. And it secondly means that there is in a PU only a single flock (same specie, same age).
around production units, we mandatory have a second type of zone which is a buffer zone, so-called professional zone (ProZ). The goal is to limit unessential flows around PU’s. The limits of ProZ physically exists but the quality of fences often depends on the type of poultry farms. Grid for breeders, string for broilers. There is a parking outise the ProZ where vehicles (farmer, advisers…) have to park. And there is a desinfection station for trucks (feed for instance) entering this ProZ. Feed and straw storages should be included in this ProZ.
At the end, there is the public zone of the farm with other parts of it (other animal productions, farmer’s house…)