Reply To: Zoning in free range farms

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Jocelyn Marguerie

in free range farms, zoning of houses (so-called “production units”) is quite often under control with sanitary room. Ufortunately some houses are still not equiped with sanitary room : multiple small cabins farms. It needs central unique sanitary room.
some sanitary room can be too small to organize zoning in it.
But there are 2 extra critical points:
1. access of tractors into houses for straw implementation, expecially in ducks production. Man should avoid it with system staying outside the house because it is too difficult to wash and disinfect tractors every day.
2. access of people or even machines in lands. Sanitary room should be equiped with extra door: one to enter into the sanitary room, one to go inside the house, one to go on the land. And machines should never enter the land during the production period with feeding only inside the house.