Reply To: Successful tricks to reduce Campylobacter prevalence in poultry farms ?

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Clara Marin

Indeed, there are methods to reduce the presence of Campylobacter at farm level. Starting from strict biosecurity standards, as we have discussed previously in the forum. However, the hygienic quality of the water must be optimal and is an important risk factor for Campylobacter remaining between flocks, and for this, it must be adequately chlorinated (Campylobacter is very susceptible to chlorine). However, often the presence of biofilm in the pipes means that the water does not have good microbiological quality. We must remember that any microorganism in biofilm form is 1000 times more resistant than in individual form. Therefore, we must be exhaustive in the hygiene of such pipes. This fact leads to excellent results later on.
In the same way, the addition of feed additives such as acids is giving excellent results. However, these measures are only effective if the rest of the farm environment is well controlled.