First presentations of results in France

netpoulsafe project
netpoulsafe project

The first conclusions of the data collection study about implementation of the biosecurity practices were presented to french poultry professionals at Space and Itavi technical days.

On September 12th, the first conclusions of the collection of the data about biosecurity practices implementation by farmers were presented by Rozenn Souillard from ANSES and Anne-Christine LEFORT from ITAVI, in front of 80 veterinarians and advisers who came to the symposium organised by the french group of WVPA (World Veterinary Poultry Association) held at the International SPACE fair in Rennes, France.

A synthesis of the less implemented biosecurity measures and the reasons of this non implementation was folllowed by the state of the art of the databases on biosecurity (work done by Mattias Delpont from ENVT/INRAE).

The presentation was completed with the advisers and operators conclusions for the technical days organised by Itavi in Pacé, France, on 15//11/22 for broilers and 29/11/22 for layers, presented to more than 100 people (vets, advisers and farmers) at each meeting.

Many dissemination actions will take place in the coming weeks/months, keep an eye on the website news to be informed !


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